In 2014, "DP" became the poster child for the American Equestrian Trade Association's International Trade Show,

held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

Images of our Tackies have also been featured in several books:

"The Majesty of South Carolina" by Doug Boustick

"Dennis Brouse on Horse Training" by Dennis Brouse

"The Official Horse Breeds Standard Guide" by Fran Lynghaug

David "The Pee Dee Cowboy" Grant is also a contributor of the Florence

Morning News where he shares many of his Marsh Tacky adventures in

his monthly column.

"Marsh Tacky Breeder Thrilled with Public Interest"

Florence News Journal (July 2010)

CMTO featured on South Carolina ETV (August 2012)

"The Marsh Tacky"

Trail Blazer (March 2010)


"Equestrian Images"

The Carolinas Equestrian (February 2015)

"Living Links to the Revolution"

American Spirit (May 2012)


Thanks to our talented team of writers, marketing specialists and one heck of a photographer, images of CMTO's horses and members have been published and featured in numerous books and magazines over the years. Our team has been working endlessly to reach out to many media outlets around the Nation and around the globe. In addition, many of our horses frequently appear on our television show "Horse Tales." While we are always looking for opportunities to display and showcase our horses locally, we are also committed to share our passion for the Marsh Tacky horse with those those who have never heard of the breed.

Please check out some of the articles and videos below... 


"A Rare Breed"

South Carolina Living (June 2010)

"Marsh Tacky: The Common Horse of South Carolina's Lowcountry"                                     "Rare Breed: The Marsh Tacky"

Equitrekking (February 2010)                                                                                                                  Horse & Rider (August 2014)

"Marsh Tackies: The Secret Weapon of South Carolina Hog Hunters"                                          "A Dying Breed: Marsh Tackies"  

Riders Monthly Australia (March 2014)                                                                                               CBS News (April 2008)        


"A Horse For All Seasons"

South Carolina Wildlife (Oct 2010)


Carolina Marsh Tacky Outdoors

"Donated Marsh Tacky Filly Goes to Young 4-H-er"

Equestrian Aiken (September 2013)

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History Magazine (April 2015)

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Carolina Marsh Tacky Outdoors Marsh Tacky Horses

"Jewels of the Carolinas"

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